We are Harmony and Jorge, we have been together for twenty years, twelve of which we have been living in the Sierra de Gredos.


I was born in Galicia, north-western Spain, but my formative years were spent mainly in Frankfurt, Germany. After studying German Linguistics in Salamanca I moved to Madrid where I met Harmony. My passion for philosophy, poetry and any kind of artistic expression gradually extended to the study of different forms of spirituality and its manifestations.

Although I have dedicated a large part of my professional career to the production of cultural activities, art, poetry, and music in Madrid, I have combined this with a progressive need to immerse myself in nature, to go hiking in the mountains, to do solitary retreats where I can contemplate, create, or express the impulses of my soul in the form of texts or sculptures that I build with stones and wood that I find along the way.

My therapeutic focus is on breathing and movement. Since the knowledge of our existence is deeply engraved in our body, I believe that these two simple techniques are the most natural way to understand where we are, our resistances and our desires. From here, through connecting with our inner wisdom, we can access who we really want to be.

During the Parenthesis [ · ] Vital retreats I like to listen to what each person brings with them and offer reflections from the other side of the mountain. I am interested in the unfolding conversations around the table or on the mountain path. I feel that it is in these relaxed, undirected moments, where often the most illuminating sparks are lit, where many of the dynamics that Harmony offers have their space to manifest, to stick their heads out shyly or confidently and say hello!

I am also in charge of preparing the meals during the retreats where I try to combine delicious, local, and nutritious products with any dietary requirement of the guest. I try to make the food an element with its own value, not only to nourish but also to inspire and enrich other planes beyond the purely digestive one.

I usually accompany our guest on walks or hikes in the mountains according to their wishes and needs. During these walks I suggest exercises of active awareness and silent contemplation or simple meditation and breathing techniques.

Dance and movement have always played an important role as part of my own therapies and I often join in when a Parenthesis [ · ] Vital break includes such activities.

Harmony and I work very well as a team and often, as part of the process, we propose simple work on the farm as a way of accompanying the process of eliminating old structures and behavioural patterns.

I believe that the subconscious mind needs powerful symbols to register and process deep transformations, so it is not surprising that we offer you the possibility of ritualising these moments as a way of internalizing them.


I was born in Spain, grew up in England and have been living in mainland Spain since 1999.

After finishing my Psychology degree in Scotland, I spent some time in India where I began to study yoga and Ayurvedic massage, then I completed my studies in Thailand and in different parts of Europe. I have been teaching yoga and meditation since 2004. In 2009 I founded my own school from where I run training courses.

Motherhood prompted our decision to live permanently in the countryside and we moved to an olive grove with a small house where we are raising our daughters, Cyane and Lea. This greater connection with nature and its cycles also brought us a deep and enriching understanding of the transformation of body and psyche as they reconnect with the natural rhythms of life.

I have been offering individual and group therapies using a range of techniques acquired over the years in which we work on emotional release, alignment of subtle energies, helping the expansion of consciousness and the practical integration of a new perspective to reality.

Since the onset of the global pandemic in 2020, I have been complementing my training with tools to address trauma, such as yoga specifically designed to open the body space into deeper expansiveness with gentleness and safety.

I have also completed my training as a facilitator in Breathwork (connected conscious breathing) for emotional release and anxiety management.

I am federated with Yoga Alliance and International Breathwork Foundation.

I rely on the following techniques:

– yoga and breathing techniques

– methods of mental concentration and meditation (Tantra, Vedanta Advaita – Mooji)

– relaxation

– massages (I combine elements of Ayurveda, Tai, Tantra, Minerals, Aromatherapy)

– active meditations and movement therapies (active meditations of Osho and Tandava according to the teachings of Daniel Odier)

– transpersonal psychology

– spiritual life coaching

Cyane and Lea

Cyane and Lea are our daughters and they also play a very important part of the Parenthesis [ · ] Vital project. Lunches and dinners are usually served at our home (unless the guest requests otherwise) and they are usually present. Their presence is always stimulating and offers a moment of playful interaction and reflection on everyday life for the Parenthesis. Many of our hang-ups or deeply entrenched behavioural patterns stem from issues that arose in our own childhood. By being in a family environment, this often allows us to release memories and can reveal current issues with our inner child.

Ciro is our affectionate and enthusiastic dog, a faithful companion during walks, hikes, and any kind of activity in nature.

Rest in Peace Blessed Ciro.