“Listen close, there is really nothing out there for you.

Or if there is and it seduces you, it is because you are responding to the echo of the music playing within you.

You carry with you a little sound from your earliest programming that tells you that the answers are held by an initiate, a teacher, a master or guru, someone to whom to transfer the object of your search. 

But in fact, you are an entity with all the necessary resources to understand, explain, heal, or guide you.

You just need to quieten the mind and listen, listen to yourself. Speak to yourself with honesty, be patient, and trust that the instinctive voice that speaks to you from within is a well of wisdom that has nothing to do with the ego’s little voice.

That wise voice speaks from what you are as a particle of immensity, it speaks with the insight that comes from what has always existed everywhere.

This is a space to learn to distinguish the voices that identify you. To discern yourself. To trust the enormous potential that you are and to extend the answers you give yourself to the events that will make your life an experience far removed from contemporary anxieties.

A place where you can embrace the responsibility of living and put your best foot forward. A place where you are open to understand life and yourself within it, a place to feel confident and take risks.

Risks?, you say.

Yes, the risk of abandoning the small box your ego has built within the fences of routine and convention, and instead build yourself a cabin of freedom in the middle of the countryside, surrounded by life, open to everything that has to happen to you. With a trusty fire in the fireplace. And majestic trees growing out there…”

Jorge’s words

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