Prior to your arrival:

After receiving your request to make a Parenthesis [ · ] Vital with us, we will get in touch with you so we can get to know each other. You can tell us more about yourself, your personal situation and what you are looking for. After this initial contact, we will curate an orientative programme for your stay with tailored proposals for your specific needs and goals. Bear in mind the programme may vary throughout your stay, because the proposals are adapted depending on what reveals itself in the process.

“A hand moves, and the fire's whirling takes different shapes: All things change when we do. The first word, "Ah" blossoms into all others. Each of them is true.” 


The process:

During the first personal session in situ, we will invite you to explain your situation and the reasons that brought you here. Whatever your purpose, we are here to serve as a neutral mirror, to open up your horizon in the environment we create and to help you with the dynamics that have helped us on our own journey.

There are infinite paths from here on and we will try to respond to whatever you are transmitting, seeking, or perceiving.

Body work is of utmost importance given that emotions are stored in the body. Identifying and releasing them through yoga, conscious breathing and spontaneous movement is an essential part of the process.

Direct immersion in nature helps you to recognise your own nature and to reconnect with your own rhythm. Conscious walks in the mountains are designed to offer you space, distance, silence, light.

Family meals, local produce from the valley, conversations, all the moments that we create together, by living a different daily experience, will offer you a new outlook on the baggage you come with.

All this will help to build a new way to look at the human being you are from compassion and understanding, letting go, forgiving, or being able to contemplate the direction you need to take, to continue walking in sync with the intelligent flow of Life.

Massage for relaxation, a gentle yoga practice, an inspiring read or picking fruit from our trees are some additional elements to facilitate your process. Moments of revelation or deep peace can occur at any time, so periods of rest and solitude are also necessary for the pieces of your personal puzzle to fall back into a meaningful order. The closing of your stay is accompanied by a review and integration of all that has emerged. We offer suggestions to set your new goals or visions in motion and if you wish we can continue to support you remotely afterwards.