Parenthesis [ · ] Vital is the future (and thank you, Harmony and Jorge, for it is also the wonderful present) of former retreats, workshops, trainings and therapy sessions, etc., etc., etc. Parenthesis [ · ] Vital is an empty space to find yourself. A space full of nothing, just yourself. Jorge and Harmony keep in step with your pulse and are always available. What does your step need? They act as your mirror, they become your friend, your master, your student, your family, tenderness, beauty, simplicity, your inspiration. Parenthesis [ · ] Vital is like one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books, you can choose to bore yourself, or light a fire, or walk in silence, or invoke a ceremony, or have a stimulating conversation etc., etc., etc. You choose. You ask, what do I need? And everything around you adapts to your needs, and you feel at the centre of a little universe that spins around you, with you. You feel as if you are in the middle of a Parenthesis [ · ] Vital constellation that puts order, readjusts, comforts, heals. You feel loved, accepted, listened to, sustained… by the refuge-home, by them, by you. You are at the centre. You are centred”.


“I happened to have a few days off and I decided to dedicate them to something that I had been wanting to do for a long time: a Parenthesis [ · ] Vital. And that is what I did, I brought my life to a halt in the middle of February, to experience a unique environment due to its silence, its wild olive trees and a very special family of four. A journey that introduced me to different ways of educating and coexisting, that taught me that to learn to ‘look’ you have to know how to stop, without looking for anything, without waiting, just ‘being’. And that is precisely what I needed, to avoid the constant digital inputs, the ongoing chatter and to filter the environment in a natural and conscious way to be able to embrace everything that came my way. It was an unforgettable experience that I hope to repeat a few more times and that I recommend to everyone. One of the things that stands out is walking in complete silence, hand in hand with Jorge, up one of the highest peaks in Gredos and arriving at a snowy, windy, and paradoxically sunny summit. There is light everywhere”.


“My experience with Harmony and Jorge has defined my path of transformation. With them I have recognised the need to heal my relationships with my parents and siblings to realign myself with my personal purpose in life. As a consequence of the Parenthesis [ · ] Vital process that I started with them, I have been able to make important decisions about changing my change of career and my lifestyle. In addition, the contact with their daughters has allowed me to reflect on my own childhood experience as a family. Watching them interact I have recognised the importance of a healthy dialogue between parents and the way they educate their daughters (e.g., the absence of television) is an inspiration for me. I have seen that other ways of living exist and are possible. I am VERY grateful”.


“I learned to listen from the heart, to perceive its words. I learned stillness in intense feeling, the truth of what I feel, of what I am.”


“My experience with Parenthesis [ · ] Vital has been extraordinary on a human, emotional and spiritual level. It made me reconnect with myself, and the meaning I wanted to give this new stage of my life. Harmony and her family treat you like a member of their family. It was Karma yoga in its purest form. I still have unforgettable images of that weekend with me. Thank you for all your love”.